Türkiye's foray into the electric vehicle market sees yet another milestone as the country delivers its domestically-developed fully electric vehicle, Togg, to Turkmenistan. This follows previous successful deliveries to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, marking a strategic move in promoting sustainable technology and enhancing diplomatic ties.

Smart City Unveiling: Togg Takes Center Stage at Arkadağ

The symbolic handover of two Togg vehicles took place during the opening ceremonies of Arkadağ Smart City. Türkiye’s Industry and Technology Minister, Mehmet Fatih Kacır, presented the electric cars to Turkmenistan President Serdar Berdimuhammedov, showcasing the commitment to innovation and green technology in the smart city's inauguration.

Cultural Touch

The ceremony in Turkmenistan exhibited a unique blend of tradition and modernity. In a nod to local customs, women clad in traditional attire performed rituals such as wafting hibiscus incense to bless the Togg vehicles and affixing camel wool amulets, known as "Caps," to the steering wheels. Flour showers symbolized prosperity, showcasing the cultural integration of electric cars.

Minister's Optimism for Global Appreciation

Togg, crafted by Turkish engineers, has not only gained popularity in Türkiye but is making waves on the global stage. Minister Kacır expressed his hope that Togg would continue to garner appreciation worldwide. The success in Turkmenistan follows the delivery of 306 Togg T10X units in Türkiye in May, contributing to the manufacturer's goal of delivering 20,000 units globally in 2023.

Togg's Technological Prowess

Togg's T10X, the flagship model, boasts impressive features with two battery options and a range of 314 to 523 kilometers. The fast-charging capability, recharging batteries to 80% in less than 28 minutes, adds to the appeal. Beyond the SUV, Togg's ambitious plans include manufacturing four other models—a sedan, C-hatchback, B-SUV, and B-MPV—by 2030.

The collaboration between five Turkish companies, known as the Automobile Initiative Group of Türkiye (Togg), positions Türkiye as a key player in the electric vehicle market.

In conclusion, Türkiye's Togg electric cars, with their blend of cutting-edge technology and cultural sensitivity, are making a mark on the global stage. The strategic deliveries to Turkmenistan, among other nations, underscore Türkiye's commitment to sustainable innovation and diplomatic collaboration.

As Togg continues to pave the way for electric mobility, it remains a symbol of Türkiye's prowess in the automotive industry and its dedication to a greener, smarter future.